Ela Gökkan Savcı CEO

Ela Gökkan Savcı

Ela Gökkan Savcı started her advertising career at Y&R/Reklamevi in 1997 as a Brand Team Leader.

She handled all the brands of multinational clients such as Colgate Palmolive and Danone Foods, for several years.

She was repsonsible for all the advertising activities of these brands for several years. She was promoted to brand team director while she was in charge of the launch of Danone dairy brands in Turkey. She led the launch of Ülker’s Cola Turka, Biskrem, Çamlıca and Arçelik’s “Çelik” campaigns.

In 2005 she started working in DDB, responsible for Pegasus Airlines, TEB BNP Paribas and Volkswagen. She worked in DDB&Co, as the Deputy Managing Director until 2011, in charge of several brands such as Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Özsüt,  Multi-Turkmall, Doluca and CNN Türk.

After she left DDB, she founded her own agency, Panna Advertising, with clients including Özsüt, Turkmall, VDF (Volkswagen Doğuş Finans) and Şenyıldız Sigorta.

By May 2012, Panna has become a part of LOWE Istanbul and Ela has been appointed as the new CEO of Lowe Istanbul.

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